Traditional Japanese Bamboo Rods “Saosyosaku”



We offer “Saosyosaku” traditional bamboo tenakra rods and other types of rods. “Saosyosaku” is one of famous Kawaguchi Wazao(Japanese bamboo rod) builders, making artistic bamboo rods with histrical techniques of skilled craftsmen.

The bamboo rods manufactured at the surrounding areas of Kawaguchi city are called plug-in type multi-joint rods. Only 2 or 3 joint rods may form an integral fishing rod by plug-in assembly, so it is portable. They are mostly made of fish pole bamboos so that they are easy to grab, flexible and hard to break.

It is said that the workmanship for bamboo rods around Kawaguchi areas can be traced to Tenmei era(1780s). Due to use of natural materials, it is feasible to adjust flexing angles. Even though a rod has been used for a long time, it can be momentarily rectified by a skilled rod artisan.

“Saosyosaku” is the one of artisans of Kawaguchi Wazao craft men.

The price range of banboo tenkara rods is about from US$500 to US$1000.


If you are interested in Traditional Bamboo Rods, please contact us via "Inquiries".


Maintenance and repair


Wazao needs some certain maintenance after using of it and also after use of long years the rod might need special maintenance such as “Hi-ire”(flexing angle adjustment by fire) or “Urushi-Nuri”(Painting Urushi=Japanese lacquer) by a craftsman. We will inform you how to take care of the rod for your ordinary use and of course take care of after sale maintenance and also repair of the rod in case the rod is broken.

We sell more traditional tackles.


We are selling more traditional Japanese fishing tackles such as traditional wooden landing nets. For further information, please contact us via "Inquiries".

Tenkara Wazao on sale


The followings are some tenkara wazao on sale. Please ask us the actual availability of the rods, if you are interested in the rod.

Saoshosaku Bamboo Tenkara Rod TEN029

Length : 301cm
Section : 5
Folded length : 73cm
Weight : 150g
Tip : Hotei-chiku
2 nd- 4 th : Ya-dake
5 th : Hachiku
Joint : Feralite Ferrule, Thread & Green&Gold Urushi
Action : 7:3
Price : US$1,000.00

Saoshosaku Bamboo Tenkara Rod TEN049

Length : 275cm
Section : 3
Folded length : 103cm
Weight : 111g
Tip : Hotei-chiku
2 nd : Ya-dake
3 rd : Ya-dake
Joint : Feralite Ferrule, Metalic blue,red & black Urushi
Action : 7:3
Price : US$600.00

Saoshosaku Bamboo Tenkara Rod TEN056

Length : 315cm
Section : 4
Folded length : 90cm
Tip : Hotei-chiku
2 nd : Ya-dake
3 rd : Ya-dake
4 th : Ya-dake/Daimyu-dake
Joint : Feralite Ferrule, Ao-gai & Fuki Urushi
Action : 7:3
Spare Tip
Price : US$1,000.00